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PBFilms Paintball video sic intense insane
PBFilms Paintball video sic intense insane
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SPLAT Magazine Issue 6 - The Glamour Girls of Paintball


splat magazineSPLAT Magazine Issue 6
The Glamour Girls of Paintball
You asked for it and now you got it. Readers from all over the country sent in their emails saying have much they loved seeing the beautiful SPLAT girl models in the magazine but they also wanted to see girls that actually play the game. Our answer? The Glamour Girls of paintball. A 16-page photo-feature starring all of your favorite tournament paintball girls like Keely Watson,paintball girl keely Lisa Harvey, Seanette Taylor and Kat Gong. Not only do you get to see amazing Glamour shots of these amazing ladies, but also action photo's of them playing as well, along with a Q&A section. You've never seen the best females in paintball quite like this before!!
If this alone wasn't enough reason to rush out to buy the newest SPLAT, how about this? We had master-journalist Rob Rubin working overtime o bring you the most in-depth how-to features this month on teamwork and how to be successful on fields with weird and/or odd bunkers. You'll never look at a car the same way again. We also throw a bone to Robbie Newbie and breakdown for you piece by piece all the best gear you'll need for your first time out for paintball. New to the sport yourself or know someone that is? This is the guide for you.
And as always, you can still expect the best action and fashion photography from the world's largest distributed paintball publication. This months nine page Attack Gear section show's off all the latest and hottest paintball products, which look even better when thrown together with a handful of paintball girl Lisa HarveySPLAT girl models, including the lovely Katarina Van Derhampaintball girl Katarina Van Derham, who's lovely face you'll see plastered on a handful of pages.
Combine this with the funniest news section in the sport, five departments dedicated to improving your game, and did we mention AMAZING pictures of girls like Keely Watson!! On wait, we did, but it was worth repeating. The Glamour Girls of Paintball begins hitting newsstands on March 1st all over the country, plus SPLAT is proud to announce a brand new deal with Barnes and Nobles that will have this issue of SPLAT Magazine in every Barnes and Nobles in the country AND on the front rack, in front of all the other magazines in the sports section. Oh yeah, were also now in all 89 Chapters stores in Canada, so you Canucks out there can see for yourselves what the hottest new paintball magazine is all aboot, eh. And, you can still find SPLAT at 7-11, Walmart, Ralph's, Krogers, Dixie Land, and many other locations. So now you're out of excuses. Go grab a copy today! For more information, click on

Submitted by:
Chris Iaquinta
SPLAT Magazine

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